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Denver’s Best Exterior Painting Company

Accent Painting has been Colorado’s trusted exterior home painter for over 25 years. Transform your home exterior and curb appeal with professional painting services on your budget.

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Denver’s Best Exterior Painting Company

Improve your home’s weathered or dull finish and protect your siding and trim from the harsh Colorado climate. Accent Painting is one of Colorado’s most recommended exterior painting contractors for the last 25 years. We can help transform your home’s appearance on-time, at-budget, and guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Our Process

Step 1: Free Consultation

Let’s talk about your exterior home painting project, deadline, and requirements, and we’ll schedule an in-home estimate for your project. Ask us about a free color consultation also!

Step 2: Detailed Quote

Get a detailed estimate for exterior painting so you know the total cost, expected time for completion, special notes about the project, and applicable discounts.

Step 3: Prep Work

We’ll protect sensitive areas, cover areas that you don’t want to be painted, repair minor drywall damage, sand surfaces, seal edges and trim, and/or apply surface primer to ensure the best quality work and durable finish.

Step 4: Painting & Cleanup

Paying close attention to detail, we’ll begin transforming your home surface while keeping tidy and cleaning up our work areas to ensure your home is left spotless before we’re finished.

Step 5: Inspection & Approval

We’ll present you with your transformation by walking through your project and inspecting every surface to ensure it meets or exceeds your standards. We don’t collect payment until you are 100% satisfied.

Exterior Painting Services

Painting your home is just part of what we provide. Accent Painting is a full-service painter, offering power-washing, surface prep & priming, and exterior home & garage door painting. We have the necessary equipment and skill to accomplish your next painting contractor service, on-time, and at-budget.

Garage Doors

Power Washing

Brick & Masonry

Trim Boards

Siding & Stucco

Exterior Priming

Transform your home exterior

Transform your home’s exterior and curb appeal with professional painting services from Accent Painting. Schedule your free consultation today!

Exterior Painting FAQs

Can you use exterior paint inside?

Theoretically, you can use “exterior” paints inside but they may not last as long as paint designed for controlled, interior climates. Interior paints contain harder resins than that allow for better scratch and scuff properties as well as making it easier to clean.

How much does it cost to paint a house exterior?

The cost of exterior painting is dependent on the size of your home, the number of exterior floors, type of material, preparation and repair, etc… An at-home (and sometimes, virtual) estimate can be completed by a qualified estimator.

What is the best exterior paint?

Many brands of paint claim to be the best, but it ultimately comes down to the composition of the paint itself. Paints contain resin, solvents, additives, and pigments and the quality and amount of each is what can help determine quality depending on your application. Generally speaking, higher amounts of titanium dioxide mean better quality paint.

How long does exterior paint take to dry?

Here in Colorado, exterior paint can dry quickly due to the low relative humidity in our high plains desert climate. This is good for getting the job done, but a concern for surface adhesion. Other factors that will impact drying time are paint quality or composition, weather & temperature, and time of day.

What sheen for exterior paint?

It’s recommended that a house be painted with an eggshell or satin finish. Flat or matte finishes are too difficult to clean for exterior paint surfaces and semi-gloss and high-gloss can be too shiny or “wet” looking for a home exterior. HOA’s often have requirements for paint sheen due to the visual properties of flat and high-gloss exterior paints.

How long does exterior paint last?

The average homeowner repaints their interior walls about every 5 years. Kitchens, baths, and kids rooms may require it sooner due to moisture, aerosol droplets, spills, and everyday dust and dirt. Ceilings can often go longer, maybe up to 10 years. Textured walls often require repainting sooner due to the texture capturing dirt and dust making them look dull faster than orange peel or smooth surfaces.

Can you paint a stucco exterior?

Stucco can be painted and protected using acrylic, acrylic latex, or elastomeric paint. These paints are designed to resist bubbling, peeling, flaking, and cracking due to the porous nature of stucco and the natural heat/cold cycles of exterior surfaces. Elastomeric paint is high-build, and though stronger than acrylic, adds additional weight to surfaces with repeated coats.

How often should you paint a house exterior?

The average residential owner repaints every 5 – 10 years, however, the time since the last paint job should be an indicator, not the determining factor. If there are obvious signs of cracking, peeling, or fading, it’s a good time to consider an exterior paint job. Exterior paint acts as a shell, protecting your siding, trim, and your home from the elements.

Denver-Metro’s Best Exterior Painter

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